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“Anybody’s Daughter

Grow Up With Me in Foster Care”

a MEMOIR by Barbara Ann Manning

 When Barbara advocates for the needs of foster children, she speaks from personal experience. She lived for 18 years in an orphanage and five foster homes—and knows how it feels to grow up without her parents. Barbara credits her survival and ultimate triumph over “the system” to her mentors at crucial times of her life. she says: “Let’s embrace the child within ourselves as well as the concept that we are our brother’s keeper.”
6×9 • 324 pages • $14.95
ISBN 9781500627638
Barbara Ann Manning spent her childhood years in the foster care system—age 6 through high school graduation at age 18. With the help of key mentors during these years of neglect and abuse, she learned to value herself and her life. Barbara broke the cycle of abuse within her family and raised four children—all college graduates. This is her story.

Customer Reviews

  • I adopted 2 children from the foster system and wish I could adopt more, but this book shows why more people do NOT help children in the foster system. The system too often returns children to the humiliating places from which they were “rescued”. This book was so good (and sad at the same time) that I could not put it down! I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to finish it! It is amazing to see how resilient some young adults can be even in the worst possible situations. Barbara is an AMAZING woman and I am so proud of her for sharing her very personal story with the world. (By rwalsh on August 15, 2014)
  • Thanks Barbara for sharing your personal journey. Beautifully written, with great sense of humor, even when the topic is not a laughing matter. (By Kim Mendes on August 22, 2014)
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