Client Books
Client Books


Mary Chamberlin:   The Traveling Soup Pot

Harold E. Grice:   California Country Boy Book 1; What I Miss; The Oak Tree Christmas Tree

Sam Harris:   Self-Discovery: Prose; Self-Discovery: Poems

Carol L. Harrison:   Oscar, a Sea Otter Pup

Helene Honda:   Allegro

Peter T. Hoss:   Born in Yosemite

Sterling Johnson:   Dangerous Knaves

Donna Rankin Love:   Walking for Our Lives

Barbara Ann Manning: Anybody’s Daughter

Gerald Marchi:   Twice in a Lifetime

William Minor:   The Inherited Heart

Barbara Perry:   Passionate Ladies

Rayn Random:   Cocktail Party Priest

David Rasch, PhD:  Short Hot Flashes

Molly Shoemaker Schaechtele:   Tickle Me Pink: The Collection

Blanca McNatt–Schield:   Love, Blanquita

Mark D. Shannon:   Disobedient Virtues

Nancy Tamura Shikashio:   Dearest Umeno

William H. Wallace Jr.:   Remembering Gordon Street

Women of Alamos:   Our Stories of Alamos